Stone Aggregates

10mm Recycled Aggregate

We provide washed graded aggregates compliant with the specification for Highway Works (SHW) series 500 / BS EN 13242 for use in civil engineering work and road construction. It is also used for pipe bedding and surrounds in line with SHW clause 503 (table 5/3) This product is ideal for landscaping, drainage and water attenuation projects.

10mm Quarried Aggregate

Our 10mm quarried aggregate is commonly used as an aggregate mixed with sand and cement to make concrete. It can also be used as a cost-effective decorative aggregate.

20mm Recycled Aggregate

This no fines graded aggregate is commonly used in the production of concrete products and as sustainable drainage and pipe bedding.

40mm Recycled MOT Type 1

40mm Recycled MOT Type 1 is graded as a 40mm down to dust and consists of a mixture of reclaimed construction materials such as bricks, concrete and tarmac and is commonly used as base for car parks, driveways and paths.

Produced in accordance with the WRAP Protocol for production of Recycled Aggregates. It is a great sustainable alternative to a Quarried MOT Type 1 and will help any project in achieving an Excellent environmental rating.

40mm Quarried MOT Type 1

Crushed Limestone to a finer grade of 40mm down. This is made to a specific standard set out by the Highways Department. Angular material that can be white or grey in colour. It is easily compacted to create a hard finished surface. Ideal for Roadways, base for tarmac , path/driveway/patio preparation, anywhere a graded MOT type 1 is proposed.

40-80mm no fines aggregate

40-80mm Crushed no fines is an alternative to 40mm, rejects or oversized drainage materials. It is commonly used for drainage but can be used as free draining sub base. Due to its shape and sizing it drains water very well but it also knits together well which means it stays in its place and forms a stable base. It can also be used on lanes and tracks, fields and for soakaways.


An aggregate composed of crushed concrete, brick and mortar produced as a by-product of demolition projects known in the trade as 6F2 Recycled Capping. Sizes range from 75mm down to dust. The term 6F2 Capping applies to a product that will vary in size depending on the supplier you use but we find that 75mm Crusher Run is a good general purpose aggregate. 6F2 Capping is mainly used a sub-base for roads and buildings although it has many other uses such as Piling Mats and general backfill.